Domain Registration System

On Thursday, January 13th, 2011 PNINA, the .PS ccTLD Registry, will migrate the .PS registry over to the PS Domain Names Management System (PSDNMS) EPP Registry Platform.

The PSDNMS is a full-featured registry platform for ccTLDs, based on CoCCA Platform, the most widely deployed registry software in the world. More than 20 top-level domains and over 200 registrars, including most major ICANN registers, have fully integrated with the platform.

CoCCA system base code is written in Java and adheres to the engineering specifications (RFCs) for registration, resolution, and WHOIS information. Espresso cc can also be configured for use with Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) including the new (.فلسطين) Palestinian IDN ccTLD and ENUM.

It supports IPv6 and DNSSEC. It is secure and standards-based.

Technical Credentials

  1. Written in Java
  2. Full-featured API
  3. Adheres to RFCs for registration, resolution, and WHOIS information
  4. Fully ICANN-compliant
  5. Supports IDNs
  6. Supports IPv6
  7. Supports DNSSEC over Anycast for DNS resolution.


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Please contact PNINA if you have any problem accessing any of the above hosts or services.

More Information

  • To become a PNINA certified registrar, please check the link at
  • The link below is being made available to you to provide important updates and announcements pertaining to this migration
  • An OTE version of the system has been available for testing and evaluation with off-line data since October 2010 and can be accessed through (self signed ssl certificate).
  • The new system login will be available at (self signed ssl certificate).
  • Registrars will be notified with their new account credentials to access the PS/Felasteen zone after migration.
  • The new .PS/Felasteen Registration system will be hosted at PNINA and will not be using the same EPP connection as the CoCCA registry.
  • If you have not received such information by January 16th, 2011, please contact PNINA to get your account credentials.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.