Certification Process

  1. Check the Certification Requirements
  2. Read the Service Agreement and Sign it
  3. Fill Out the Application Form
  4. Send PNINA the signed/stamped Application form and service agreement (Signed and every page initialized).
  5. PNINA will evaluate the application and get back to you within 7 working days from receiving the application form.
  6. When notified of initial approval, do the following:
    • Pay the $100 (One Hundred US Dollars) Annual Maintenance Fee to PNINA bank account
    • Deposit a minimum amount of $500 (Five Hundred US Dollars) to establish your credit line with PNINA as required in the Service Agreement.
    • Send/Fax Deposit Slip to PNINA’s Billing Department (08) 2861618 or Email billing (at) pnina.ps

Failure to do one of the above steps will result in your application put on-hold until these steps are completely done.

After PNINA insures that all above steps were followed, PNINA will do the following:

  1. The signed/stamped service agreement will be faxed to you.
  2. You will get a Certification Number in the form 200X-0XX based on your application date/time.
  3. The official Logo for certification need to be displayed in a visible location on your website and linked to PNINA website (www.pnina.ps)
  4. Your certificate with PNINA will be emailed to you. The signed and colored one will be send to your office.
  5. Your name and certification number will be placed on PNINA website as an official certified registrar with PNINA.
  6. In order to fill the application through PNINA secured data entry , PNINA will provide you with a user ID and Password and the link to reach our secured website.

If you have any questions or need more clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact us.