Becoming a .PS Registrar

As a registrar, you are able to process domain name applications through PNINA’s registrar systems, which require a minimal level of human intervention and mean that domain names can usually be registered in a matter of seconds. Only registrars (and not domain registrants) are entitled to use these systems.

You will also be able to use our registrar systems to cancel domain name registrations, for example those made in error, as long as the domain name has not been paid for. However, if we have already invoiced the registration fees, we will not issue a credit note and the fee will remain outstanding.

You will also be able to use Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), registrars need either to write their own EPP client, get a “free” copy from PNINA or to buy one off the shelf. EPP is not intended for an individual to type out an EPP command in the same way that you can with the Automaton. Your software will then need to be able to connect directly to the EPP server at PNINA side using SSL.

You will get online information about the status of your credit account with us and you will receive consolidated monthly invoices on the 8th of the following month covering the registrations and renewals processed by our registrar systems. All prices are listed with no VAT or other tax what soever. It is the responsibility of the CR to comply with his country rules regarding the tax issues.

when you register a domain name on behalf of a customer, you are acting as their Agent and are therefore binding them to our Terms and Conditions as outlined in the .ps rules and Policy document (“the .ps Policy”). You have a legal responsibility to make customers aware of their contractual obligations to PNINA and the .PS ccTLD.