PNINA Center of Excellence (NICE)

As a payback to the IT community in Palestine, PNINA will establish the Palestinian National Internet Center of Excellence as the execution arm for its “non-registration” activities that are part of PNINA mandate:

Strategic Goals:

  • Enhance .PS Management and Best Practices
  • Training and Capacity Building (will not compete with Private Sector)
  • DNS management and domain marketing
  • High Level Consultation
  • Network and Internet Security
  • Web Design and Web Applications Development
  • Content Management and Portal Systems (CMS)
  • New technology Transfer
  • Development of Standards and Work practices and hands on-worksheets
  • Regional and International Cooperation with similar entities around the globe.
  • Adoption of new technologies that increase Internet usage in Palestine
  • Adoption of new technologies that make the Internet safer and more productive to all sectors of the Palestinian Community

NICE Initiatives:

In order for NICE to achieve its goals; its services will be mapped into several initiatives that target certain groups and sectors within the Palestinian community.

Some of these initiatives will be:

  • Improving Palestinian Websites and Palestinian Content on the Web
    • Palestinian Directory
    • Palestine Diary (Web Log)
    • Interactive and collective CMS
    • Events Sponsorship
    • Young Programmers
    • Technology and Internet Projects
    • Best Palestinian Web Site
    • Awards (Internet Related Applications and Activities)
    • Spot the .PS contest
  • University Internships
    • Last Year Training
    • Internship (6m to 1 year)
    • Sponsoring Internet-related Graduation Projects
    • After Graduation Incubation (1 Year)
  • Publications
    • Periodical News Letters (Technical and Marketing)
    • Annual Reports
    • Leaflets for special events
  • Exhibitions
    • IT for Kids
    • Sample websites and Templates
    • Simplified technical issues
    • Collaborative and Groupware Sites
  • IT Technical Support
    • On-line Library
    • On-Line Technical Forums and Newsgroups
    • Open Source Community
  • Free Services
    • Email and Website
    • Free Default Page Parking (For NGOs Only)
    • Free DNS Tutorials
    • Free .PS promo. Material
    • Sample Websites and Easily managed CMS for:
      • Government Institutions
      • Organizations and Associations
      • Individuals (Personal Sites)