Prices for .Falsteen (Arabic Characters) will be as follows:

  1. Processing Fee for each domain name 25$
  2. One Domain for One Year 100 $ Fees
  3. Total Fees (1st Year registration) = $125 (One hundred and Twenty Five US Dollars)
  4. Other domains identical to the main one (with Character Folding) 25$ for each additional domain name
    • Examples
      • شركة–الاتصالات , شركة-الإتصالات, شركة-الأتصالات , شركه-الاتصالات, شركه-الإتصالات, شركه-الأتصالات
      • الجامعة-الاسلامية, الجامعة-الإسلامية, الجامعة-الأسلامية, الجامعه-الاسلامية, الجامعه-الاسلاميه, الجامعة-الاسلاميه وهكذا
    • Prices are applicable during the sunrise period for companies and trademark owners and subject to change when registration is open to the public.
    • Prices are listed for the CRs and do NOT include any local or international tax

Character Folding:

Character folding is the process where multiple letters (that may have some similarity with respect to their shapes) are folded into one shape. This includes:

  • Folding Teh Marbuta and Heh at the end of a word;
  • Folding different forms of Hamzah;
  • Folding Alef Maksura and Yeh at the end of a word;
  • Folding Waw with Hamzah and Waw.

With respect to the Arabic language, character folding is considered as a separate domain name and will be handled as so because it may changes the meaning
of the words. We encourage companies and trademark owners to register all domain names that can be generated for their names with character folding to avoid any misleading or domain confusion in the future.