Palestinian IDN country code Top-Level-Domain (.falasteen) Registration Policy

1. Definitions

For terms and expressions defined in Palestinian Telecommunication Law no(3) year 1996 and regulations or any later modifications on it, and in PNINA bylaws and registration policy for Arabic domain name to have the same defined meaning in that documents . Words and terms in this regulation have specific meaning as follow:

  1. The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA): is The Official domain registry for the Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) Arabic or Latin domains, PNINA’s role is to formulate of registration policies and administer and maintain the Palestinian top level domains Registry.
  2. Registration Services: The provided services by PNINA for domain name registration which include but are not limited to register, renew, delete, transfer, modify and on hold domains.
  3. Service application: An application to be submitted directly through certified registrars’ websites include the required procedures to registration service.
  4. Registrant: A registrant is a person or entity which has registered a domain or in the process of registering one.
  5. Administrative Contact: The person who delegated by the registrar on the submitted application to PNINA for following up the registration ,Responding to the objections, coordinating the financial issues, the registrar have to submit complete and correct contact information include a valid and active email for Administrative official.
  6. Domain name: Representing both or one of the two Standard formulas which used in Arabic domain names according to CCTLD ISO and they as follow:
  7. Arabic Domain Representation (U-Label): consist of two Arabic parts or Set of Arabic characters separated by a point ex. (مثال: موقع.فلسطين) where فلسطين is the first word from the left side.
  8. Latin Domain Representation (A-Label): a domain name consist from two Latin parts or set of characters offset the first formula where the first word from right is (xn—ygbi2ammx) which offset the Palestinian Arabic top level domain (.falasteen).
  9. Arabic part: a set of characters (Such as Arabic language characters, numbers and dashes) which use to generate an Arabic domain name.
  10. Latin part: set of Latin characters used to represent the domain name Arabic part according to ccTLD ISO ,it starts with the four characters (–xn) to convert the Arabic part to Latin or vice versa through it.
  11. Regulations: The document which regulates the Arabic domain names registration under Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic (.falasteen) and any modifications.
  12. Certified Registrar: An entity having contractual relationship with PNINA to collect information and fees from Registrants and forward them to PNINA for data entry into the Registry database.
  13. Arabic domain names registration rules: The published document on PNINA official website which has the Arabic domain names (.falasteen) registration rules and policies.

2. General Provisions

  1. These regulations determine the required provisions to register Arabic domains under Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic (.falasteen).
  2. The registration services are available for all entities inside and outside Palestine.

3. Applying prerequisites

  1. According to PNINA registration procedures any one wish to register have to apply through one of our certified register, only applications with correct and complete and update information will be considered for registration.
  2. Registrar has to commit to all the rules and procedures, Registrar aware of the terms and provisions of this Regulation; Registrar is responsible for any mistake in the application.
  3. When a registrar or the administrative official apply to register has to be aware and Recognizes that:
    1. Registrar is delegated to follow up all procedures instead of registrant.
    2. Registrar has been informed the registrant of the terms and provisions of this Regulation.
    3. Registrar will forward all PNINA Correspondence and Notifications to registrants and vice versa.
  4. It’s permissible for registrar to submit any document related to registration services if it has been required from PNINA.
  5. PNINA require submitting at least two DNS servers from the registrar when applying to register or on determined period of time after registration. DNS servers must be active and have a valid IP addresses and well configured to host domain names, it’s possible to contract with third party to provide DNS servers according to required terms.
  6. PNINA has the right to establish procedures to ensure the accuracy of information has been submitted in any application or any already accepted application or verifying the compliance with the terms and conditions of this regulation and other regulations of PNINA polices.

4. Registrar Guarantees

  1. Registrar has to commit to all the terms and provisions of this Regulation or any other regulation announced by PNINA, and all documents related to registration rules and have to Complied with.
  2. Its required to deal with any domain name or to complete any service related to it or to use it a clear adoption from the registrant that he has the right to use it that the domain name:
    1. Does not infringe on any trademark or trade name of any other party.
    2. Not the same as or similar to cause a confusion with registered trademark, or trade name known locally or internationally;
    3. Does not infringe on the rights of any third party with respect to any treaties or conventions that are committed to the Palestinian government.
    4. Not harming to any natural or legal person.
    5. Used only by the Registrar, will not be allowed to register or use sub-domains under which any third party, whether for profit or other, only after taking prior approval of the PNINA.
    6. Does not conflict with any of the rules and regulations in force in Palestine.
    7. Not include content that refers to domain name to any material violation of Palestinian law, or contrary to public morals, culture and religion in the Palestinian society.
  3. Registrant Committed to that all information on the domain name or request for service is complete, accurate and up to date, and is committed to informing the PNINA through the Certified Registrar as soon as possible for any update or correct information that may arise.
  4. The Registrant adopt that any notice or letter sent to the Registrar or to the Administrative Coordinator from PNINA has received if sent to the registered address is available with the PNINA, PNINA does not assume any responsibility for the non-arrival notification or message.
  5. The Registrant agree that the information submitted relating to the domain name will be available public WHOIS service of the Registrar or any other means.
  6. Registrant is committed to all terms conditions and procedures according to PNINA dispute resolution regulations, as he is committed to the decisions.

5. Registrars documents

  1. PNINA has the right to request any additional document or information from the registrar in a specific period by any communication method suitable and determined by PNINA , in case of not submitting the required document or information, PNINA has the right of refuse or cancel the registration application,
  2. Communications or e-mails, documents or letters between the PNINA and the Registrar or Registrant that are exchanged in dealing with the application and other records maintained by PNINA as evidence.
  3. In case of a conflict concerning the time and date of receipt of the application or dealing with it the information on PNINA servers is adopted to determine the time and date.

6. Prohibited Activities

  1. The Registrar will not be able to reserve ,register, use, retain or provide service to domain name for any of the following activities or purposes:
    1. If the purpose selling the domain name, or to be rented or traded.
    2. If the purpose of collecting domain names without the effective use of them.
    3. Domain hunting or related acts.
    4. Fraud to obtain personal or confidential information.
    5. Sending spam or unwanted emails
    6. Hosting the harm programs or distributing them.
    7. Domain hijacking.
    8. Hacking the computers, networks or to carry out attacks to disable services
    9. Activating or publishing content which is contrary to the Palestinian laws or regulations in force in Palestine (such as with regard to pornography, illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling, the infringement of individual property rights, etc.)
    10. Activities classified as information crimes under the related provisions.
    11. Activities in violation of these regulation or rules or procedures or PNINA regulations.
  2. PNINA has the right to add other prohibited activities furthermore to activities stated in paragraph 1.6 and it will published on PNINA website.

7. Domain name registration

  1. The following conditions must be available:
    1. The Arabic part (U-Label) of the domain has to be not less than three characters.
    2. The Arabic part (U-Label) has a correct Latin equivalent (A-Label).
    3. The domain doesn’t start or end with dash, and not contain two sequent dashes
    4. All characters of Arabic domains compatible with PNINA regulations and conditions, which include characters that can be used in the registration of domain names Arabic.
    5. Domain name limited to be an address used on the Internet, not based upon any legal right or any other form of property rights, even with a mark or trade name similar to it, domain name itself could not become as a trade mark or registered commercial name.
    6. It’s not possible to register any reserved domain names list except the authorized entities according to PNINA regulations and rules.
    7. Domains will be registered on equal basis and according to the first-come-first-serve principle unless pnina issue any rule or special procedures otherwise.
    8. Domain name must not contain or it’s referred content any words, phrases, abbreviations, references obscene, indecent, improper, arbitrary, racist or inconsistent with the provisions of Palestinian law, or social values or regulations prevailing in Palestine.
    9. PNINA may establish special procedures to enable access to the Arabic domain names using characters similar to languages used the Arabic script (such as Farsi and Urdu)

8. Reserved domain names

  1. PNINA may create lists of reserved characters, or not available for registration, which include but not limited to parts or characters set represent the numbers or the names of government institutions, celebrities, geographic names, names of religions and sects and any words infringe upon the nation, religion or moral values or any other section that considers the unwanted. Or inconsistent with the public interest or is not appropriate for registration.
  2. PNINA has the right to establish rules and procedures governing the creation of reserved names list and administrating it.
  3. When a name removes from the list of reserved names it will be available for registration in accordance with the procedures laid down by PNINA.

9. Domain names dispute resolution

  1. Disputes to the decisions related to domain name registration submit to PNINA, PNINA deals with in accordance with the regulations, including dispute resolution regulations.
  2. PNINA is not part of any dispute may arise about the eligibility of the registration of any domain name, and PNINA is not obliged to decide whether the application or use a domain name by the Registrar may infringe on the rights of a third party.
  3. PNINA is not responsible for any interruptions in business, and any damage directly or indirectly, of any kind (including the material and moral damages) or anything else, and that the exercise of statutory powers.

10. Modifying domain information

  1. Registrar alone – the representatives administrator – is the owner of the authority to modify the domain registry information and applying through the Certified Registrar, and determined its validity only in the registrant contact information, officials contact information, and the information of the (DNS server).
  2. PNINA has the right to establish procedures to verify the information registered in order to enable them to direct access through Internet to modify the contact information; PNINA may take additional measures to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the application.
  3. PNINA may request the Registrant directly or through the Registrar based his information updated or validated at any time and is any change or amendment to the identity of the registered type of the transfer of domain names.

11. Transfer Domain Names

  1. Although the name is not owned to the Registrar, its allowed to transfer the domain name to another party (including the other party to the Registrar a new identity) or to New Registrar, provided that both the Registrar and the other party to apply to terms and provisions of these Regulations and other rules and procedures issued by PNINA.
  2. PNINA has the right to request documents from the parties Pnina deems necessary to complete the transfer process.
  3. PNINA may reject any request to transfer a domain name if it is found that the transfer was the result of any of the prohibited activities specified in this regulation, or because of non-compliance with the required documents, or for failure to obtain the consent of the parties to the transfer.
  4. PNINA may impose fees for transfer services and put the appropriate measures to do so.
  5. PNINA has the right to issue additional procedures governing the transfer of domain names.

12. Domain Names Rejection, Deletion and Holding

  1. Registrant has the right to request PNINA through the Registrar to delete the existing domain name or to hold it; PNINA may take additional measures to verify the authenticity of the request before its implementation.
  2. PNINA may at any time refuse a request, or delete an existing domain name or hold it in the following cases:
    1. If PNINA has proven that any of the information provided by the Registrar is incorrect or inaccurate or not up to date
    2. If the Registrar does not provide the documents requested by PNINA.
    3. If domain name is not hosted correctly.
    4. If registrant or certified registrar doesn’t pay fees receivable
    5. If Registrant or Certified Registrar failed to renew of the domain name.
    6. If the Registrar does not have confirmed the registration information after a request PNINA
    7. If PNINA accepted a dispute related to domain name or application.
    8. If PNINA had received an order from the Palestinian government entity, including any judicial body.
    9. If PNINA had received notice from any natural or legal person to the effect that the domain name registration or use is contrary to the statute or regulation of any governmental or regulatory and proved to be true.
    10. If the Registrar or an application or the domain name or delete the existing domain name or hold, in order to protect the public interest or for any other reason reasonably.
  3. PNINA shall inform the Registrar’s decision of refusal or hold or deletion with the reasons.
  4. PNINA may cancel pending of a domain name after the removal of the causes of suspending, or at the request of the Registrar in cause of pending was based on his desire.
  5. Pending domains are not available for registration and not used in any online service. But the contact information is available through WHOIS service.
  6. Deleted domain names are available for registration in accordance with the procedures laid down by PNINA.

13. Registrants Information and Whois Policy

  1. PNINA may collect information and documents on registered for the purpose of carrying out its responsibilities and functions, and May also collect other information such as technical electronic record of visits to its website.
  2. PNINA may provide specific information for any domain name to the public through (Whois) or any other service.
  3. PNINA may determine the information that is accessible to the public and changed when needed to publish such information on the website.
  4. With the exception of publicly available information, PNINA will not disclose any information or document with respect to any domain name only in the following cases:
    1. Prerequisite for the implementation of these regulations and other rules and procedures issued by PNINA.
    2. Compliance with the regulations and procedures for disputes to the Palestinian domain names.
    3. Pursuant to an order issued by a competent Palestinian government, including any judicial body.
  5. The Registrar may, or any other person to take advantage of domain registrants information or any other service provided by PNINA, provided that for the following purposes only:
    1. Check the availability of a domain name.
    2. Obtain registration information for a certain domain name.
  6. It’s not allowed to use information obtained through registrants information service or any other service provided by PNINA to undertake any activity that is not desirable, including, but not limited to send commercial or marketing ads or to send unwanted spam
  7. It’s not allowed using automated tools or software to send queries to registrant’s information or any other service provided by the PNINA, leading to a negative impact on the service or failure.

14. Fees for registration services

  1. PNINA has the right to impose fees for registration services provided by PNINA and put the appropriate measures to do so.

15. Domain name renewal

  1. PNINA may impose on registrants to periodically renew domain names during certain period of time and develop the appropriate rules and procedures to do so.

16. Limitation of Liability

  1. PNINA is not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly from any of the following situations, regardless of the form of the action of PNINA
    1. Non- execution of any application.
    2. Interruption or halt the Registrant or Certified Registrar.
    3. Delay or interruption of access to PNINA online services, including delays or interruptions resulting from crash Palestinian Arabic top-level domain servers.
    4. Inability to use any domain name or take advantage of it.
    5. An error occurs in processing an application.
    6. The use of any domain name.
    7. Force majeure.
    8. The implementation of any rules or regulations or procedure issued by the Authority or any government or other regulatory.
  2. Registrants and Certified Registrars are committed to the protection of PNINA and its board of directors, employees and contractors in respect of any dispute or claim on the registration of a domain name or use, including the sub-domains of the domain name.

17. Applied regulation

  1. This regulation is subject to the laws in force in the Palestinian and construed under it.

18. Language

  1. Arabic is the origin language of this Regulation, and any action is applied, on any translation in any other language, and may communicate to implement this Regulation in any other language in addition to Arabic.

19. Communication

  1. PNINA may communicate with the Registrants and certified Registrar in regard to application or a domain name or the delivery of media information through e-mail or other appropriate means chosen by PNINA.
  2. Registrar may communicate with PNINA regarding application or a domain name through the means that published and updated on official website (www.pnina.ps) in case of not specifying what the other means of communication.
  3. Certified Registrar is the only one responsible for ensuring that your contact information, or officials in any service request made or any domain name record is true and accurate and updated at all times, PNINA is not responsible in the case of non-receipt of any notice or a letter addressed to the Registrant or certified Registrar through the contact information.

20. Modification

  1. This regulation and its terms or provisions are subject to change from time to time by PNINA without any prior notice.
  2. PNINA has the right to issue procedures and independent decisions (private) in causes not addressed in this regulation.
  3. Registrant and certified registrar have to commit any changes that occur to this Regulation or any related regulation, and apply these changes after thirty days from the date of publication on official website.
  4. After continuation by Registrar in using of any domain name accepted by him for the changes that have occurred in this Regulation or any related regulation or procedure, in the case of the unwillingness of the Registrar in compliance with those changes, he must submit a request to PNINA through Certified Registrar to delete his registered domain name , Registrant acknowledges that the deletion is the only solution, whether at his request or from certified Registrar or approved by PNINA when it was non-acceptance of those changes.

21. Contact Information

The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA)

4th Floor, Al Amal Building,
Al Wehda Street
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: (970) 8 2861617
Fax: (970) 8 2861618
Web: www.pnina.ps,
Email: info@pnina.ps

Version: 1.0
Official Publication Date: 1/10/2010
Official Adoption Date1/11/2010