U.N. resolution affirming that human rights in the digital realm must be protected.


Reuters 2012/07/05/ (Reuters) “It’s the first ever U.N. resolution affirming that human rights in the digital realm must be protected and promoted to the same extent and with the same commitment as human rights in the physical world,” More..

.Falasteen Domain Name Registration has been launched


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The launch of the new registration system and the open period for .Felasteen registration will be postponed


PNINA would like to announce the launch of the new registration system and the open period for .Felasteen registration will be postponed until 16th January 2011. This is due to the current holiday season and that fact that the new date will coincide with PNINA’s 8th anniversary. PNINA is doing its best to make the migration process to the new […]

New rules for the .PS/Felasteen ccTLD


PNINA’s would like to announce to all its certified registrars the following changes on .PS/Felasteen ccTLD’s rules. The effective date of those changes will be January 1st, 2011. NON-REFUNDABLE Transfer fees will be imposed on all domain transfers (10$ for local registrars and $20 for international ones) Renewal of transferred domains is not mandatory anymore […]

PNINA held a specialized workshop for certified registrars


PNINA held a specialized workshop“Palestinian IDN country code Top-Level-Domain (.falasteen) Registration Policy” for .ps certified registrars on 14-10-2010 More than 20 company representative have been attended. This workshop reviewed and covered the Palestinian IDN (.falasteen) registration procedures and policies, technical, administrative and financial aspects have been explained and discussed. PNINA General Manager Mr.Marwan Radwan welcomed […]

PNINA launched its official website in new design


PNINA launched its official website in new design on 30 September 2010in keeping abreast with the launch of Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic (.falasteen). PNINA was keen to keep development on the website with the achievements and aspirations for the future of .PS registry and the information technology sector in Palestine. The new website includes […]

.Falasteen, the Palestinian Arabic Domain Name has been delegated and Alive


GAZA-Palestine PNINA announced the launching of Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic which known as (.falasteen). This has been accomplished after the ICANN completed technical check ups and register the new ccTLD domain servers on the global root DNS servers. It is possible now to reach the websites by using the pure Arabic domain names […]

e-Camps and Technokids programs


PNINA announced that it will conduct the first round of e-Camp this summer for K-12 UNRWA, Government and Private school students. This event will be an annual event coordinated with Government and UNRWA schools.

New Registration System (OTE)


The core of the new .PS/Falasteen Registry software package is based on the COCCA system. It is a database used to maintain both current and historical information on domain names, registrants, contacts, hosts and associated billing records. The primary means of communicating with the database is via an API that conforms to the RFC’s that […]

Google Inc, launches Google.PS Officially to serve Internet Users in Palestine


Over the years Google has been adding many of the world’s local domains like and in which case they provides localized search results. Today Google added Yourname.PS is a where domains in occupied Palestine are registered like .com or According to Google Arabia blog post “the new domain will give Arabic-speaking users in the Palestinian Territories, who […]