New rules for the .PS/Felasteen ccTLD

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PNINA’s would like to announce to all its certified registrars the following changes on .PS/Felasteen ccTLD’s rules. The effective date of those changes will be January 1st, 2011.

  1. NON-REFUNDABLE Transfer fees will be imposed on all domain transfers (10$ for local registrars and $20 for international ones)
  2. Renewal of transferred domains is not mandatory anymore
  3. Registrars can modify ALL contact information of a domain name including owner name and email without PNINA interference (if there is no lock imposed by the registry or the client).
  4. Authorization key of a registered domain name should be communicated to the domain owner by the CR to give him full control of the fate of his domain.
  5. Domain transfer can be conducted mutually between registrars or by providing the authorization key to the gaining registrar.
  6. No renewal for domain owner modification will be imposed.
  7. Prices for .Felasteen domain names will be identical to .ps ($20 for local registrars and $35 for international ones) with the same discounts applied for multiple year registration.
  8. No change in the premium or 2/3 character domain names policy and prices.
  9. Character folding for Arabic domain names should be registered by the CRs and will be treated as different domain names and charged accordingly.
  10. Dispute resolution rules and procedures will be the same for .PS and .Felasteen.
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